I’m OK



What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?

– I’m feeling great. Really. I’m OK. It’s only a slight headache.

Mom always notices when something is wrong with me and she hates to see me struck down by depression. No matter what efforts I make to smile and look happy, the moment she looks at my face she knows something is going on, so I usually lie to her and tell her it’s my head.

She knows I use to have headaches from my childhood so that doesn’t worry her at all and I know it. But she is very worried about my depression and I want her to think it’s controlled. A problem from the past.

She has enough problems with her sickness and her old age. My mission is to keep her happy and as well as possible. So lie to her is a win-win situation: She would accept the explanation and stop worrying about my depression (at least that’s what I hope she does) and l would stop pretending so hard and relax a little while taking care of her.

Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire.

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  1. be happy will you, bright not somber..

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