Mystery story

Tell us about the blog post you were most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free.

Probably one recent: Death in the park, because I don’t write fiction and my English is not very good. The prompt was to write something imitating or inspired in an author I admired. My first thought was to pass from that one, because I cannot dream to imitate or even write inspired by an English-speaking author. And besides I usually don’t have too much time to do the posts for the daily prompts. But then I decided to write a mystery story with a priest as a protagonist inspired in the Father Brown tales by G.K. Chesterton.

The story, the style, the protagonist had nothing to do with the great Chesterton’s wonderful stories. The only thing in common was that a  priest was in it solving a crime. Stupid me. I read the result and I considered sending the draft to the trash. But I had the story written and It was quite an experiment to me so I doubted, and doubted. But I had no time to  think so I decided to press “publish”. And there it went my first short fiction mystery story. I was really nervous above all after publishing. I thought it was a stupid idea and everybody would laugh at my try.

A waste of worries, because I only had a few readers and my story got mostly unnoticed but for four highly qualified “likes” I appreciated so much. They made my day.

So if you have five minutes and want to read a strange beginner’s story you can check  Death in the park and tell me what do you think

Daily Prompt: Release Me.

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  2. I read it! I liked your style of narration a lot.

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