Gastronomic criticism

Tell us about the favorite dish or food that you simply cannot turn down.

When I was a student at a Journalism School a professor asked us to write a gastronomic criticism about our last restaurant meal. My best friend and I looked at each other in disbelieve. We were so out of money we never ate outside.

I heard one of the students asking aloud “How do you spell Moët Chandon?” I’ve never heard before about such a thing. Others began to ask about french dishes and exotic sauces. Intimidating. What to do? We had to finish the exercise in 45 minutes. No time to research or make up something.

I was paralysed without ideas. My friend began to write happily. I looked through and saw it was about the wonders of cooking sausages in an open air bonfire during a hiking. She described it so vividly how to prepare the bonfire safely, how to put the sausages in sticks, how to roast them and how to enjoy eating them with a bunch of good friends in a beautiful environment, that the professor chose her exercise as the best of the day.

My attempt of a criticism about a home-made Spaghetti Carbonara dish, my favourite, wasn’t so successful.

Pasta. Spaghetti Carbonara. Still my favourite now. Then cheese with bread and wine. And when I begin to eat pop corn I can’t stop. These are my almost irresistible temptations.

Daily Prompt: Simply Irresistible.

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  3. Olivia says:

    Thinking outside the box! Smart friend.

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