A nutcracker and a mouse

Tell us about a time you’d been trying to solve a knotty problem — maybe it was an interpersonal problem, a life problem, a big ol’ problem — and you had a moment of clarity when the solution appeared to you, as though you were struck by lightening.

I don’t remember a single serious problem solved by a miraculous moment of clarity. What I remember is hard work and perseverance. There have been moments of clarity after a big deal of meditation for important decisions in my life but that belongs to my intimacy. I also had inspirational moments in my life mostly thanks to my parents. I already wrote about them in this blog.

I had some silly ideas coming to me in a moment of clarity. I have no strength in my hands and for me it was impossible to uncorks a champagne bottle. It was a real problem to me. One day a light struck me. I could use a nutcracker to help me. The cork came out without effort!. Not very romantic, but very efficient. My problems with champagne bottles solved for ever.

In other occasion I was working with my computer and taking notes at the same time and I had another moment of clarity. I decided to use my left hand to work with the mouse and my right hand to take the notes and save time and space this way. It works nicely.

Daily Prompt: Moment of Clarity.

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