The magic window

Tel us about the experience of being outside, looking in — however you’d like to interpret that.

The room is full of people having fun. Drinking, laughing, talking loud. I’m so tired ! They are all wearing elegant clothes. Cocktail dresses, jewels, tuxedos. It’s  a wedding?. I don’t see the bride or the groom anywhere. Definitely they are celebrating something. What? I have not idea. They look happy and at easy. I’m completely out-of-place in my working clothes, worried and tired. I notice there are people staring at me for a moment and then looking away, pretending not seeing me. I’m embarrassed.

I have not idea how I ended in this place. What am I doing here? Where is the door? I don’t know a single person here. All are strangers. I look for an exit. I see in the opposite side of the room what seems a wide window and I go towards it. The window shows a beautiful view of a green field with trees and flowers and a clean blue sky. To my surprise nobody is looking to the landscape. Everybody is busy with the celebration talking, laughing, looking inside the room.

I want to go outside to the green field and enjoy the open air. But the glass is between me and my wish. I can’t stand the closed ambient any more. I’m desperate for being out of this oppressive room. I’m not happy here. I can’t take part of the happiness of all this strange people. I’m so out-of-place!.

I reach the wide window and exhausted, I lean on it. Suddenly, the glass become in something quasi liquid and I slowly fall to the other side. I’m outside! In the open air! I’m not tired any more. Everything is fresh and clear.

I look back to the window. All the revellers are pounding at the glass, but I don’t know why, they cannot go thru like me. They are shouting at me. But I can’t hear them. I touch the window and the crystal is solid. I can do nothing. Slowly they all stop the pounding and the shouting, lose interest in the window and go back to their celebrations in their beautiful but closed room.

I turn around and start to enjoy the beautiful nature. Now I feel happy and at easy.

Daily Prompt: The Outsiders

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