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I did it!


Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do?

I did it. It was difficult, but I did it! I survived my extra-busy week and I’m back. At least for now. I’ve set to myself a high goal and I achieved it. I needed a strong mind, order and strength, and somehow I found all I needed, thanks God. I thought I was going to fail, but at the end, everything went smoothly. Of course my greatest barrier was as always my illness. I have written about it many times. I’m a little tired of the subject. Last week an extra barrier was the constant raining. We had a flood alert in our city. But that didn’t affect my neighbourhood.

Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course.

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Journalist. In my fifties. I've worked for 26 years in a newspaper in Spain. I worked for two years as a stringer and correspondent in the US, and went as a special envoy to other places like the Balkans. Sea lover. Avid reader. Classic Music enthusiast.

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