Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life


My street full of life during the San Fermin Fiesta in Pamplona, Spain. You can see the “giants” dancing and people following them. It’s an old tradition.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

    1. Actually it was easy because it was taken from my home. I live in a privileged spot for the fiesta. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  1. Love it… Very cool image. What is it for? Looks interesting.
    Thanks for the visit and ping back over to CTB. Maybe you would like to also participate in my monthly Tourist in your own Town photo challenge. This month’s theme is round. You can post something circular, spherical, or been (a)round for a long time. Would love to see more of Spain. Check out my page if you are interested.

    1. It’s an old street entertainment. The “giants are at least 175 years old. There are 8 of them. They represent queens and kings of four of the five continents. The one in the picture is the queen of Europe dancing. There is a man inside the wooden structure of each one who makes the “giant” dance at the sound of ancient folk music. The men who handle the “giants” have to be specially trained because is it not easy to keep the balance and perform the dances. They even have choreographies they perform all together. It’s quite a spectacle. I love it. Kids love it also.
      I’ll check your site. I’m an amateur so I don’t know if I’ll be qualified to participate. I’ll try.

      1. Wow thanks for all the info. Sounds like something to see!
        Thanks for checking out my site. I’m no pro either 😉 I just enjoy taking pics. Since living overseas I’m interested in where others live and what they see. For you it may be everyday, but others interesting and different… Hence the tourist in your own town challenge. I do it monthly, so this one is up for April. You could even post more on the giants. They’ve been around a long time… I’d love to see more. If not no worries. Thanks for the visit just the same.

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