No luck

Tell us about a time when you fought authority and took a stand against “the man.” Did you win?

I was hoping the prompt for today was a sort of game. I like games much more than tell stupid stories about my boring life.

No luck. A prompt about how I possibly fought authority.

Well, I did. But I’m not sure I want to remember that period of my life. It was hard, sometimes I won, sometimes I lost. It was a prolonged fight. I usually respect authority, but I’ve never consented to do something against my conscience or my convictions, and I’ve never did. Sometimes this principle and my stubbornness led me to endless, bitter discussions with my bosses that I would like to forget.

When I was little I already had problems with the authority of the teachers of my school. I came from an immigrant family with different customs and different ways to practice religion.
– “But my father says…”
– “Then, your father is wrong.”
I knew my parents were right so the teachers must be wrong . I lost confidence in them. Later, when I grew up I understood the differences and learned to deal with them, but I never understood the teacher who questioned my father’s authority when I was so small.

via Daily Prompt: Fight the Power.


7 thoughts on “No luck

  1. You are right, as a child whatever our parents said was the God’s word. I remember as a small child fighting with my friends if they thought their parents were saying the truth over my parents. Kids and their innocence.

    1. This is why I was so scandalized when that teacher discredited my father that way. Thank you for your comment.

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