Because the Night

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

Definitely we are revisiting the topics of more or less recent daily prompts. We already wrote about this. I already explained all about my forced night owl life due to my job as a journalist. I didn’t change since the last post about my working habits. Yes, I work best at night because is what I always did under the pressure of the daily deadline in a newsroom. I’m useless early in the morning.

When I worked as a reporter I usually hit the streets in search for news during the day and spent the evenings writing until late at night. What was more productive? Both day and night in a different way. What was more intense? It depended on the news. Sometimes the facts I had to witness in order to inform were so intense that I had to struggle to don’t get emotionally involved. Sometimes the approaching deadline was the most stressful moment. To do a good work I had to do my best both in the streets collecting the news and later writing in the newsroom.

The purpose of these prompts is to inspire us to write, but lately, with all these repetitions, in my case are accomplishing the opposite. Good luck to the new ones to this challenge who have seen this question for the first time. I’ll read your answers with interest.

I know it’s not easy to come up a fresh new question for each day. It takes a lot of work and imagination. But I think the Daily prompt editors should explain if they intend to just elaborate a cycle of topics and repeat them periodically. This way we, the veterans, would know what to expect and decide if we want to continue writing about the same issues or retire when the cycle finishes.

But I don’t want to retire from the my daily prompt. I enjoy being in contact with other bloggers from other countries. I have found friends I don’t want to lose. I ‘ve found gifted bloggers I like to read every day and learn from them. This is not only a place to look for inspiration it’s also a meeting point.

Because the Night.


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