Baggage Check

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?

The last time? I don’t remember. I use to consider past experiences before taking major decisions. It’s a question of prudence.

When I decided to move to the States, it was certainly a jump to the unknown. I had no previous experience. But I weighted carefully the circumstances of the previous years of my life, the difficulties at my work place that had lead to my lack of health and I decided I couldn’t stand it any more and I needed a complete change. So I left everything and I moved. It was a good decision I don’t regret. I found a job and was happy over there.

Two years later I decided to return back to Spain because my father was sick and my family needed me.  Again my experience from the past had a lot to do with my decision.  First of all the experience of my father’s love. I wanted to be with him and help him. Second, the experience of my later job made me negotiate with my employer better working conditions to protect my health.

 Baggage Check.


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