Love Teacher

You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want. Who’s your teacher, and what do they teach you?

This one is easy: Jesus of Nazareth is my dream teacher. I would ask Him to  teach me how to love God and my neighbour sincerely and in an effectively  way and how to be a better person every day in the middle of my circumstances and the problems of current life. I would ask Him to teach me to solve  each of my existential doubts and troubles. But most important of all what I already said: I would ask Him to teach me how to love others as they need to be loved.

Dream Teacher.


10 thoughts on “Love Teacher

  1. I think I know what He would say (not pretending to know Jezzy or anything, just my opinion 🙂 ) He would say that you already know how to love and accept love, it is writen in you like your DNA 🙂 Just listen to you. And for troubles I don’t think He can swipe them away because they are learning lessons for us. Each and every one is suppossed to teach us something. If we fail to notice what, they will repeat. This is just me thinking about it and speaking from my experience 🙂

      1. You’re right. I really found your thoughts really interesting. I’m sorry I couldn’t answer properly. I was in a rush. I’m busy taking care of my mother who is very sick.

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