Familial Feasts

Yesterday was Father’s Day in many countries. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why?

Why do we have to create a new holiday?. Don’t they have enough business already the makers of cards and gifts? In my family we celebrate everything. Each birthday, each patron saint day, each wedding anniversary… So we have each year several Sister’s days, Brother’s days, Sister in law’s days, Brother in law’s days, Nephew’s days, Niece’s days, Son’s days, Daughter’s days, Grandchild’s days… We don’t need another day to celebrate family. But if it somebody invents it, sure we will celebrate.

Any occasion is good to get together and have a family reunion if it’s possible. Most of the time are limited reunions since my brother and two of my sisters live far away from our city. But in great special occasions we even bring together four generations, because my mom has already five great-grandchildren. In these reunions it’s impressive to see the connection of the smaller ones with my mother. The kids are not shy to show her love for her great-grandmother despite she is sick and paralytic, and for her is a great joy. God bless them for doing that.

Create a great-grandchild’s day? No way. Kids are already enough spoiled with gifts and feast days. Create a great-grandparents’ day? or a grandparents’ day? Maybe. Another occasion for the kids to visit them and bring them their joy.

Familial Feasts.


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