Fear is useful

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

I’d rather live with a reasonable fear. It’s very useful for survival. I have been in some dangerous situations due to my job as a reporter and I think fear made me be prudent to overcome those situations without too much harm.  I had to overcome fear. But that is part of life and I prefer that than living without fear. I really can’t imagine a life without fear. I guess it would be a life full of stupid and dangerous facts that would hurt me and make suffer my family. Not a good prospect. I only would like to be less afraid of make mistakes while writing in English and be more confident at posting.

Fearless Fantasies.


2 thoughts on “Fear is useful

  1. I used to teach school here in the US. You should feel very confident in posting in English. Your skills are equivalent, or better, than some people with English as a first language!
    This was a really interesting prompt. I think we all would do so many things that we’ve wanted to, but were too afraid if fear was removed from the situation. I personally think I might be more successful if I wasn’t always so cautious. 🙂

    1. thanks for your comments. It encourages me to continue writing. Especially coming from a teacher. You’re right in what you say. I agree. But in my post I was talking about the risk of becoming a reckless person.

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