Hunger, sardines and jam

Bacon and chocolate, caramel and cheddar… Is there an unorthodox food pairing you really enjoy? Share with us the weirdest combo you’re willing to admit that you like — and how you discovered it.

I’m rather classic in my food preferences. I’m open to new experiences. The last one was tasting chocolate with salt. Not bad as an experiment, but I prefer pure chocolate.

I have a brother who was always hungry when we were young, as was normal at his age. He didn’t care about what was eating as long as it were nutritive food. We didn’t have too much money for extras and caprices, so he had to satisfy his hunger with what he could find in the fridge. One afternoon I caught him with a sandwich of fried sardines with jam and a glass of milk. He swore it was delicious. In fact, from that day he prepared that sandwich every time we had leftovers of fried sardines at home. I think he no longer likes it. I never tasted it. I wouldn’t recommend it to you.

Unlikely Pairing.


3 thoughts on “Hunger, sardines and jam

  1. I just finished a lunch of sardines and Triscuits. The can is still open next to me. I can’t imagine pairing it with jam, although some sparkling water and slices of melon could be good…

    1. Yeah, it seems a good idea. Here is typical in summer eat cured ham very salty called “jamon Serrano” with slices of melon and it’s a good pairing.

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