In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

After 30 years working as a Journalist I fulfilled a promise I made to myself: Never work for a public relations office or as speaker for a politician or a business person. Stay independent.

Those are perfectly respectable jobs, but not good for me. I would be incapable to work to the dictate of a politician. I prefer to stay in the opposite side, as I have been all these years.

In fact, after all I’ve seen I can say I don’t like politics at all.

Of course there are incomparable worst jobs I’d never do no matter what. I’ve been late for this prompt and I’ve seen that one of the contributors answered that he or she never would be an executioner. Neither would I. My nightmare job would force me to do harm to others.


Nightmare Job.

4 thoughts on “Politics

  1. I couldn’t work most jobs in military service, out of the same boundary you mentioned in your final sentence. But I’ve done what others would consider nightmare jobs; pest control, cleanup for severe psychiatric cases, and worked on infomercials for supplements with no medical value.

    1. I agree with you about military jobs. I’d never join. About your jobs, I don’t understand the last one. With the others you showed courage and helped people. that’s good.

      1. By knowingly helping to produce TV programs selling products of no value, I was justifying fraud on the basis of “needing a paycheck”. It’s morally reprehensible, but at least I quit as soon as I got an honest job.

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