Do movies, songs, or other forms of artistic expression easily make you cry? Tell us about a recent tear-jerking experience!

Music moves me to tears. I can’t listen to the Mozart’s Requiem above all its “Lacrimosa”, without crying. Maybe because it’s a prayer for the dead and reminds me to all my departed loved ones with a sense of hope and sweetness, far from any bitterness.
Other masterpieces have had the same effect on me. Above all vocal music. Great singers made moved me to tears more than once.
Ugly, strident, noisy “music” makes me cry, but out of desperation.
I’m suffering from a depression, so I can cry easily. But I remember a film I had to stop watching because I was crying so much it was impossible to go further: Marvin’s Room. Is the story of a woman who is taking care of his father, incapacitated and bed-ridden because of a stroke. After years of caring for him she discovers she’s got leukemia and she has to convince her uncooperative sister to help. I was then taking care of my father and the situations depicted in the movie so vividly were too close to home, except that I was not sick as the main character and my sisters are very close and helpful.
Anyway. I was depressed, the story took me by surprise and I couldn’t stand it.

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