A problem

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

– We have a problem
– What happened?
– Mom’s articulated bed is not working at all and she needs it.
– Can’t you fix it?
– No. I already called the technician and he said the engine is dead and is so old there are no spare, so there is no other solution but to buy a new bed.
– But that must be very expensive.
– It is. I don’t know how are we going to pay it, but is a necessary expense. We cannot handle Mom without an articulated bed. She can’t move because of her paralysis and she can’t bear so many hours in bed without changing the position of her back and her legs.
– I’ll investigate if the social services offer some kind of help for this, but I doubt it.
– Do it. I’ll see if there is some way to pay for in instalments.
– We have been in difficulties before, we will survive this one.

Note: I usually go to the daily prompt in search for inspiration because I have no imagination to find a different subject each day to write. No prompt today, so I wrote about what was occupying my mind. I’m sorry if the result has been too boring.

Ready, Set, Done.


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