When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?

For fun I choose fiction. It’s a way to enter new worlds forged  by the author’s imagination and enjoy the story told knowing it’s not real. So, no perspective of harsh suffering while reading. I like biographies and real life stories, but I tend to identify myself too much with the real people’s troubles. That’s not fun unless we are talking about some comical or good-humoured memories. I have read several very good that made me laugh aloud.

To read essays and treaties, I need to be in a mood not precisely fun. More predisposed to study and meditate.

Life has enough occasions to present problems and troubles and to bring sufferings. For fun, I try to avoid them for a while, employing my time on getting to know fictional characters dealing with  unreal situations. They can offer me adventure, romance, thrill, fantasy or a calm folkloric tale, without worries.: what else can I ask? I like the classics and Tolkien’s fantasy. When I find a classic book I like I re read it more than once. But I have also a debility for thrillers. They entertain me a great deal I like judicial thrillers and police stories.


The Great Divide.


What do you think?

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