Heavy rain

10 minutes. You and your keyboard (or smartphone. Or tablet. Or pen and paper). No pauses, no edits, no looking back: it’s free-write time!

It’s raining outside. Heavy rain. And I don’t want to sing. I’d rather cry.

It’s a big problem for a person who needs a walker to move. With both hands grabbing a handgrip, there is no way to hold an umbrella.

I have to go out this afternoon to  take care of my mom. I can’t drive because of my illness. It’s a half an hour walk. I can take a bus, but it only covers half of the way. And by the time I board the bus I’ll be already soaked

I know rain is good for the farmers and the reservoirs, for the garden, the forests and the nature. And it’s nice to watch from inside a warm home. But for me, and my daily excursions, is just terrible. The best way to catch a cold.

I don’t mind cold temperatures, I can warm myself with a good coat,a scarf, a hat, gloves and boots. But I can’t fight against the water falling all over me without an umbrella.

I don’t have money to take a taxi every time it rains (it’s so frequent over here). So I’ll continue to venture outside with my walker, without umbrella hoping that the bus arrives in time and has space for me and my walker.

Sorry for this silly post. These write about anything prompts, leave me with no inspiration, so I write about what I have in my mind at this moment.

Ready, Set, Done.

7 thoughts on “Heavy rain

    1. No problem. I’m used to it. It’s not so bad. Maybe today I’m in a somber mood because of the rain. I shouldn’t complain.

      1. It’s wonderful to complain 🙂 Don’t limit yourself!

        Weather does have peculiar effects on our mood…It is trite to say, but I pray that the day will progress calmly and easily for you, despite your circumstance :/

  1. I’m also in my 50’s and use a walker. Don’t apologize for your post, it’s honest. So many times people keep silent when they should not. Others will take inspiration from this post, and maybe, just maybe, letting this out of you will help you feel better also. I think it’s an excellent post.

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