From your musical tastes to your political views, were you ever way ahead of the rest of us, adopting the new and the emerging before everyone else?

If I had money and the will to spend it, I would buy the newest in digital technology. I love playing with a brand new computer, smart phone, tablet, camera, or any other gadget. Above all the more useful ones. I enjoy discovering its possibilities, new features and the latest programs. But, because that’s not possible, by now, I’m content with reading tech news and updating my relatively “old” gadgets.

I’ve never pretended to live ahead of everyone. I just try to do the things I like. I have my own ideas that don’t coincide with any particular political party.

I have my particular preferences in fashion, not necessarily coincident with what the industry launch each season. I’m not a fashion slave. I don’t need to renew my closet so often. I have to save money and I have found long ago my style, which is nothing complicated and fairly comfortable.

I like classic music, including the authors of the early XX Century. I’m open to newest tendencies. In modern music I’m afraid I get stuck in the eighties, but I like to listen to the new hits providing they are not too noisy or in bad taste.


Avant Garde.


6 thoughts on “Gadgets

  1. Yes, that’s the way to do it. I also find more fun in exploring the newest developments in technology as trying to force my body into something that would not be me.

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