I have been there

What are the top items on your anti-bucket list — those things you never, ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read,

When I was a trainee in a newspaper, another trainee said she didn’t want to end her career without being in a war and in a big earthquake. I thought she was crazy. Why on earth would she like to witness so much suffering? I wished there were no wars and no big earthquakes at all. She ended making her career comfortably in politics and I was de one who went to a country in war as a reporter.
Jail is another place I hate. When I was a reporter in courts, once, the jail’s chaplain invited me to give a lecture about international politics to the inmates. It was in the nineties, so they asked questions about the Balkans war. I had a good knowledge of the subject. I have been there. The more interested was an inmate convicted of terrorism.

I only was inside the jail two or three hours, but it was awful to hear the gates close with a clank behind me. I felt trapped. Claustrophobic. Surrounded by dangerous men. The only woman in that place. I felt nervous, unsure, And I knew I was going to go out immediately. What an anguish! Nevertheless I managed to give the lecture and answer the questions with calm and it Wes a good session. The chaplain was satisfied.

life can lead you where you don’t like to go or deprive you from things you’d like to do. I don like lists. I prefer to have clear goals in life and go for them. Then deal with life brings which is usually full of surprises.


Kick the Bucket.


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