Inside Lady liberty

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

I’m claustrophobic, so I’d never go to visit caves. For the same reason I never would venture inside the Statue of Liberty to go up to the top and enjoy the sights from the crown. I have lived in New York and I’ve never went. I preferred to see the Statue from far away. I refuse to go up to the dome of big churches and monuments if there are not windows in the stairs. No matter how wonderful the sights were from up there. I know I lost great opportunities to take beautiful panoramic pictures, but I can’t fight the anguish. It’s stronger than me.

No, Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Inside Lady liberty

  1. We just watched the others going up Lady Liberty. There were so many tourists waiting we did not bother. I have been up the top of St. Pauls Cathedral often in London, inside and out, but it was part of growing up.

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