Circle of Five

A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

The average? I thought I should aspire to be unique, outstanding , the best in what I do. I know i’m not going to be an Einstein or a Rubinstein. I’m not going to be quoted in history books or Wikipedia. I’m not a genius and I doubt that surrounded by geniuses I would become one. It’s not written in my genes. But I tried to become the best journalist I could. I had my problems with my bosses but I gave more credit to the opinion of my readers and my sources. Now that my mom needs me for everything, I’m trying to be the best daughter.
When We were kids, we were a Circle of Five: four sisters and a brother. And we spent a lot of time together playing, talking and singing. My brother had a lot of imagination and he was the chief when we were playing. We used to play for days to pirates at home. Our room was the Pirate ship, the living room was the treasure Island, and the corridors, the Ocean. The forbidden island was the kitchen where my mom was. When the weather was sunny and mom took us for a walk to the city walls, where there is a park, we played to knights and princesses. using sticks as swords. I used to play as a knight, because if not my brother was too lonely with so many princesses. My older sister was the chief when we sang. She composed a song that was our anthem and we used to sing it in the elevator when we came back from our outings. I’m glad I spent all that time with them.

If the saying of the unknown writer were true and if I really were the average of the people I spend the most time with, I would like to be with my father and his brothers. My dad’s brothers died or were killed during the WWII. One of them was a priest and was killed only because of that. They were all pacifists. Very good persons. My dad survived and remained always fighting against hatred and trying to do good to others. I believe all of them are in heaven, where I want to go. I would like to have them to show me the path.



Circle of Five.

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