They don’t walk the line

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?


This is a prompt from less than a year ago. I didn’t change my values since then. I wonder if the Daily Prompt editors really think their followers can change their way of understanding life so soon, or they are persuaded that the bloggers don’t persevere in the daily prompt more than a few months. Both possibilities are a bad sign. I’m here because I like to be in contact with a community of bloggers from all around the world, writing at the same time about the same topic, interacting and interchanging ideas. I’m still here despite they are republishing old prompts, which is not inspiring, because I don’t want to lose contact with my on-line friends. But today’s prompt makes it impossible writing something new. I asked to an editor in a comment about the new system for the daily prompt if they wanted to get rid of us the veteran dailyprompters and he assured me that nothing less true. But prompts like today’s with so compromising topic and so close in time, convinces me that they really don’t care about us.  A pity.

I Walk the Line.


6 thoughts on “They don’t walk the line

  1. I totally agree and I wrote something on this “line”. By chance I was in England last year, so did not write this prompt and it is really only a year ago. If they really want us to stay, then why don’t they do something to make us want to stay. It is mainly because of the others that I am still here. I have discovered how to write the daily prompt but do my own thing and still get access to the grid. Eventually we will all be ignoring the subject of the prompt and just writing. What a stupid stupid daily prompt world this is becoming.

  2. One advantage of being my age is that one tends to forget what prompt one has answered as surely as what one has written…sometimes even yesterday’s writing! If I do recall that it is a recycled prompt, I just try to approach it from a different perspective–to make the prompt into what I can make it. Beats having to think up my own topics. And they also provide alternate topics. Not refuting what you say, because I agree I would rather have a fresh prompt every day! Judy

      1. Looks like today’s is a fresh topic. I just noticed that they put the date on it. It’s a bit homespun, but gave me a chance to reminisce a bit

      2. They put the date but it’s an old one. I wrote a year and a half ago or something like that about the apple strudel and the memories of my mom.

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