What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?


Vuelta del Castillo

I remember playing with my brother and my sisters with home-made toys. With some paper and a lot of imagination we could turn out our room in a pirate ship and the corridors of our home in the Caribbean. The living room was the treasure island. We had what we thought it was a real treasure hidden there, in a secret place. We could play for weeks, without getting tired. My brother was the captain I was his second. One of my younger sisters was the boatswain and the other was too small and had no mission, but my brother convinced her that she was the most important after the captain. This was our favourite play when it was raining and we had to stay at home. When the weather was good and we went with mom to the park at the city walls, we played to knights and princesses running around with wooden sticks or just moving our arms and legs to pretend we were wielding a sword or riding a horse. Those were wonderful days we spent together.

Now we are each one in different cities, even different countries. Those days when we where happy together are gone, but the memories will stay forever.

Toy Story.

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