Community Service

my square (1 of 1)

Every morning at 7:30 am, the cleaning truck pours pressure water on our square making a lot of noise. The square needs a wash up because despite the baskets and containers, there are people who come at night and leave behind them trash and filth. We have a school in the square and a park with swings and slides for the kids. For sure, the square is clean every morning when the kids arrive. The funny thing is that when its raining, the cleaning truck pours pressure water too.  Water upon water. every day at the same hour Summer or winter, rainy or sunny, the cleaning truck never fails.

Community Service.

8 thoughts on “Community Service

  1. When it rains they should make use of the rain water to preserve the tape water. The community should respect their area to keep it clean, after all it is theirs to keep.

    1. You’re right about the water. The community mostly respects the area during the day. At night we have some drunks who come from the taverns around after hours no so respectful. Maybe what we need is more security at night.

  2. Great photos. We have 4 men that are constantly doing something to our local train rails. Usually one man is working, one is telling him what to do and the other two are watching to make sure he is doing it right – yes, if you do not have work, then invent it.

    1. Today four men came to do an installation of an optic fibre line in our building and it was exactly like you said: One of them was working, going up and down, and the other three were talking at the square. Glad you’ve liked my picture. It’s my square from one of the windows of my flat.

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