Delightful Dance


She was the prettiest in the neighbourhood. With her blonde hair, her blue eyes and her graceful figure. But she was very shy. She had a demanding mom, who was very aware of the social conventions and didn’t let her go out with boys. She had to come back home straight after school and learn to sew and embroider and things like that, useful for a future lady of her home, according to her mother. But she dreamed awake that one day she would escape and meet her charming prince, the love of her life, like Cinderella.

When she was eighteen and her city was in the middle of the Fiesta of San Fermin, she went out with her father to the street with a white dress and a red bandana. There was joy, music and people dancing everywhere. Right there in front of her house in the old city of Pamplona, a handsome young man, also dressed in white with his red bandana, without telling a word, took her for her waist and began to dance with her. Her father smiled and said nothing. They danced and danced at the sound of the trumpets and trombones. They laughed and talked and he said she was the prettiest and smartest girl he had met.

He was her only love. They lived together 53 years. Each year, the day of San Fermin, they always went to the same corner to dance at the sound of the street music. Seven years ago he passed away, and she went to a nursing home. From then, San Fermin day, was for her a sad and gloomy day, remembering her lost prince, and she remained in her room, while others were celebrating the Fiesta.

This year, she decided to make a nostalgic walk. When the nurses were no aware, she took her cane, escaped, and went all dressed in white with a red bandana towards the old city of Pamplona. The streets over there were full of people celebrating the Fiesta. It was difficult going thru to reach her narrow street and her beloved corner. When she arrived she almost began to cry. A small band was playing dance music just there. With tears in her eyes she began to follow the rhythm of this with her feet. Suddenly a young man took her and began to dance with her. She let him do, and danced laughing and crying at the same time. Oh my prince! Are you seeing me?

Title taken from the  Topic generator.

Nothin’ But A Good Time.

15 thoughts on “Delightful Dance

  1. A wonderful post – great story. It was sad but also happy and so well written. At last we have a prompt to put us on our creative paths and this was very creative.

    1. Thank you. I’m so glad you’ve liked it. When I read the prompt I immediately thought on the picture I took during the fiesta and my imagination for once worked!

  2. This is such a beautiful story, almost like it came out of a novel!! It really defines the photo so well and the writing was absolutely beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

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