Mushy stock

He was taking part in a medieval fair. His was a big attraction. Lots of people were stopping at his tent to look at him working to form beautiful blue crystal vases. It was like magic. He had a furnace, several pipes, a bench a rag and a bucket with water. He had a small stock of glass pieces attached to the pipes in the furnace.

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The glass melted was like small balls of fire, red and yellow. He took one of the pipes and began to work with the melted glass, hot, mushy, and malleable, till he achieved the form of the body of the vase. With another pipe and another smaller piece of melted glass, he made the bottom of the vase, and opened the top, giving form to it.

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Finally ,with a third pipe and another piece of melted glass he formed the handle of the vase. When the glass cooled, it became bright blue. Now the material wasn’t mushy and malleable but solid and fragile. In the furnace, there were waiting more pipes with melted glass attached to them to form more beautiful pieces.

glass1 (1 of 1)

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