Quiet Green


I’m completely down. Things have complicated lately. My doctor changed my medication and is not working. I’m dizzy and nervous. My mom has had a domestic accident and now we have to go every day to the doctor at the local health centre. It’s not easy to get there pushing the wheelchair. But we have to go there to cure a nasty wound in her leg that needs daily care. It’s infected. I’m worried, because is not getting better. In addition, our caregiver, has had an arson in her home and she’s not around these days, poor thing. So we are basically on our own. And it’s not easy. I have to appear happy and confident when I’m with my mom, and that also is difficult. When I’m alone I feel extremely tired and sad. I know I have to be strong and healthy to help her. I’ve been neglecting my blog. I have no strength nor the willing to write. In the middle of this situation, a friend of mine took me out last Sunday just for an hour to a village close to my city and I relaxed looking at the beautiful, quiet, green landscapes. It was just what I needed.

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