Wandering Tree


Summer is dangerous: so many fires! The trees get scared. They know there are arsonists in the area. Bad people. Some of them just are crazy people. Others, of them, paid by the promoters of new buildings complex who want to gain space into the woods and make huge profits selling luxury condos.
The trees are alive, and are a source of life. Rooted to their places in the forest, are home for many animals. But they can’t run away when the fire comes, like the birds that fly or the squirrels that jump and run. They are rooted and only can stay helplessly in their place. They stoically resist while feeling the burning flames are going to reach them. They know they probably will die charred if the firefighters don’t arrive in time. One by one, they fall, enveloped in flames. Decades, sometimes centuries of history destroyed in a few hours.
There was a forest where the trees met in a council. They have heard about the arsonists coming, and they were in high alert. So they chose a guard among them.
With a lot of effort, a tall poplar take out his roots from the soil and turned them into many long legs. He had to train a lot to learn how to keep the balance and use them to walk. But trees have a lot of patience and soon he began to wander along the forest.
When he spotted humans, he used to stay still and watch. If they were peaceful people, he just looked as any other tree in the forest, tall and quiet, with his leafs trembling with the breeze.
But when he saw somebody playing irresponsibly with fire or with wicked intentions, he suddenly unfolded his legs and began to run towards them. The arsonists fled, scared to death at the sight of what they thought it was a monster with a dozen legs. The foreigners began to say that the forest was haunted. Many undesired newcomers left the village, scared. But other people began to come attracted by the mysterious forest and its magical wandering tree.

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7 thoughts on “Wandering Tree

  1. Almost like something from The Lord of the Rings. They rarely burn down trees here, unless our perfect army happens to send a practice shot in the wrong direction (they once set fire to a forest in Liechtenstein). It seems that homes for the refugees are the targets at the moment – unfortunately.

      1. We have a big problem with refugees at the moment in our part of Europe, especially Germany and there are right wing groups that take the law into their hands. If a building has been assigned for refugees it get burnt down – it is awful, but it is happening a lot lately.

      2. It is extreme at the moment- People fleeing from Syria, Iran, Pakistan: mostly to Hungary an the Hungarians do not want them so they seal the borders and the people go to Croatia or Slowenia, and they are also not wanted there. Families with small children, all inadequately dressed for the oncoming Winter. It is very tragic. Some manage to get to Germany, but Germany are now having problems to accommodate them. Some arrive in Switzerland and now we will have to try to cope. Sweden are also taking many, as their country is not so heavily populated. There is a massive movement of the population and there seems to be no solution.

      3. I know about the massive movement of population from Syria and other countries devastated by wars trying to reach Germany, but I didn’t know about the violent reaction of the right-wing elements against those people.

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