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This morning I’ve met with a group of old friends to have a coffee and chat a little about whatever was going on in our lives. But they only wanted to gossip about funerals, deceased people, illness and things like that. I tried to talk about other happier subjects, but they always came back to the gloomy topic of the dead and sick. I know I’m growing old. But I refuse to enter in that phase of the life in which the only horizon is the obituaries page of the newspaper and the funeral home. I know my mood is often gloomy because of my depression, and a conversation like the one we had this morning discourages me a lot. But I also know I’m still full of life. I don’t need meetings like today’s. I need seeing my younger friends, with interesting ideas to talk about. Fortunately when I was coming back home, I found my way cut by a cyclist race. I stayed for a while watching at the cyclists. I took some pictures, and my mood lifted.


7 thoughts on “Phase

  1. I know it is not funny, but I still had to have a chuckle. I also speak about those things from a different angle and decide to go on another graveyard tour with the camera. I think when Mr. Swiss has a class reunion (and each year there are less of them, he is now 76 years old) all they talk about are those that are no longer coming to the reunion. Oh happy days, sometimes I am glad to live in a different country to where I grew up.

    1. Yes. You’re lucky. Next week we have a class reunion. We are all in our fifties so I hope our conversation will be happier. I’m looking after that reunion because there are people I haven’t seen since we left the university 35 years ago.

  2. I am glad you stayed to watch the race. You got yourself an excellent shot.
    PS: Count me in as an oldie also. I know the feeling of depression of hearing about friends that are sick and dying. I find that if I get my camera and start taking photos it gives me a release and lifts me up. Just saying.

    1. Thank you, Andy. I also enjoy taking pictures. Today I had a very good day. They opened the door of the highest tower of the gothic church near my house and I climbed up to take photos of the old neighbourhood from above. It was exciting!.

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