If you have followed my blog you probably would recognised the man in the picture. He is the accordionist who plays every day at the Castle’s square in Pamplona, my city, to collect some spare coins from the passersby and the customers of a busy café. He’s a good street musician. Plays nice melodies. He’s an immigrant, old, and jobless. Barely speaks our language. He told me with broken words and signs that he’s homeless, and he needs 10 euros a day to pay a shelter to sleep . Today was a pretty good day for him. The weather was mild and by noon he had collected already more than 9 euros. But as ever, his gaze was distant, tired and sad. Life is difficult for the street people like him.


14 thoughts on “Spare

  1. good to spare a thought for others Olga – captured it all so well in these shots p.s. had not fully registered that you lived in Pamplona til now
    p.s. am trying to learn Spanish but have had a recent loss of motivation even though I have time to spare 😉

    1. Thank You, Laura. Yes, I live in Pamplona since my childhood. I’t’s a nice little city. I’ve never been in London. I would like to have the opportunity to visit that magnificent city. El español es fácil, ¡Ánimo!😀

      1. El español es como la música y quiero visitar más lugares en España antes de que yo soy muy antigua

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