I’m the Press

During 30 years of my life, I was the Press. I was de one making uneasy questions to politicians, in press conferences, and putting myself at risk to find the truth about dangerous stories. It was my job. A job I liked because it had a purpose. To find the truth and write it the best I could to keep my Readers aware of what was going on in their community.

When I began working as a reporter, there was no Internet. You had to spend much time researching in archives with tons of papers and photos. There weren’t cell phones neither.

Once I found myself in the middle of some antiterrorist operation in my city and I had to use the phone cabin to communicate with my newsroom.

Those days you certainly had had to work fast, but you had time to think and check the facts, because you had a deadline at night. Just before the machines would began to roll on. Now everything is immediate. Some people don’t check the veracity before launching the breaking news for the sake to be the first On-air or in computers, mobiles, and other devices.

I think it pays to corroborate and go out with accurate news, although you are seconds later than others with untrue stories. Your reputation as a trustworthy journalist is everything you have in this informative noise.

Today I’m sad. A friend of mine, a great journalist, has died too young — damn cancer. She always smiled and she still did so when the illness was eating her. She was extremely smart, strong and happy, and I’m gonna miss her so much.

In the backround Picture me as a reporter interviewing a lawyer no so happy With my questions.


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