Very different birds

While I was staying in a small rural hotel, a vulture landed in our garden. The problem was that it didn’t have enough room to take off to fly in such a small space. The bird was enormous and menacing, with a dangerous beak.

We couldn’t get out of the house because he became aggressive when he saw someone approaching him. I ventured out with my camera and very carefully, trying to don’t scare the vulture, approached him from behind a tree and took some pictures.

It was Sunday. We called the forest rangers, and they told us to wait inside the house and don’t get near the vulture, with the hope that he would take flight by himself at night.

But Monday morning the big bird continued in our garden so we called again and they sent a ranger who trapped the vulture to put him in a cage and go to the mountain to set him free.

This morning I went to take a walk, and I spotted a dove, a very peaceful bird symbol of love.

Sunday stills: For the birds

2 thoughts on “Very different birds

    1. Yeah! I helped the ranger chasing the vulture and he told me that it was pretty young and probably had get lost and tired. Ve went to a place where there were many other vultures and he joined them.

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