Mature in times of Pandemic

This Pandemic has shown that mature people are more conscious about the danger of the spread of the virus and are taking precautions seriously, like wearing masks, washing their hands and keeping social distance when their are in public places.

Enjoying the sun and keeping distance

Youngsters are less careful, especially teenagers. Recently I had to go out to buy some food and had to wait for a green light to cross a street. There was a group of very young girls, all together, without masks talking loudly. I kept my distance. In the middle, between then and me, there were some pigeons. Suddenly one of the girls turned around and, with no reason at all, kicked a pigeon, which didn’t have room to take flight and hit my head.

All together without masks or keeping distance.

Not all the youngsters are like these. Many are very careful with the measures of protection against the virus. But they think they are less vulnerable to it.

Personally, I’m taking all precautions because I think this is not over yet, and won’t be for a long time.

#FOWC: Mature

8 thoughts on “Mature in times of Pandemic

  1. Kicking a pigeon? Do you think kids are just so mad and bored that they boil over sometimes? This pandemic has been hard on those of us who are mature enough to know that this too shall pass, kids and teens are having a harder time dealing. No excuse for animal cruelty though.

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