I wish I could fly

I wish I had wings like a seagull to fly freely far away from these confined areas in which we are living and cross the Mediterranean to see my family back in Croatia and Montenegro.

I miss them badly. I miss my homeland too. We endured more than 30 years of detachment due to the persecution of the communist regime of Yugoslavia. Then happened the Balkan’s war, and then we finally reached the so long pursued normality.

And now this virus is preventing us again to see each other and visit those beloved places where are my roots

Usually, I feel that people around me don’t understand my need to be in Croatia. Some have made callous comments about my feelings. They think that my love for Croatia doesn’t match with my Spanish citizenship.

I can love Spain and Croatia at the same time. I can’t see anything contradictory in that.

In the meantime, I will imagine that I’m a seagull flying over the beautiful Croatian coast to see my extended family again.

#FOWC: Callous

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