Doubts. All my life I have had trouble deciding what to do. And eventualy, after trying many ways to express my creativity, and release my energy, I couldn’t mastered a single hobby.

Events in my life also contributed to my constant change of interests. I liked sports, but surgery in my leg let me out of it for years. I only could swim, which I love. I adore the sea, but I live inland. I love music. I had practiced seriously piano, but I had to interrupt my studies in the conservatory to find a job and help my family. I had planned to study biology and oceanography to spend my life in a boat at sea, exploring the marine species, and finished being a journalist.

Nevertheless, my profession allowed me to travel a lot, and witness exciting events I’ll never forget. Some heartbreaking, some joyful, some extremely dangerous. I’m proud of having been the voice of the people involved, despite sometimes I had to put my life in the front line.

Interviewing a unhappy lawyer after a trial of political corruption

Now I can swim, I can paint watercolors, I can play the piano a little, which relaxes me a lot, I can write poetry in Spanish, I love taking pictures, and I’m a computer techie. I also like handcrafts, and I used to be good at cross-stitch, but I’m losing sight and is getting difficult to do my projects like before. I have one who I want to finish as soon as possible because it took me several years to get it to the present point. It requires patience, skill, good sight, and taste for colors.

My last Cross-Stitch project

FDDA: Hobbies

2 thoughts on “Undecided

  1. It’s a shame to give up something you love; would not a magnifying glass help? I have a glass attached to my Ott Lite; it has become almost invaluable since my eyesight has worsened.

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