The stone gate

At the bottom of the picture, the entrance to the Stone Gate from the XIII Century. The building at the top was added in the XVIII Century. In the background the towers of the Cathedral, now damaged by a recent earthquake

The first time I landed in Zagreb, Croatia’s central city, I had an extraordinary feeling.I have never been there before because it was a prohibited land for us, raised in exile during the communist era. My parents had told us so many stories about the city that it seemed to me that I was coming back home.

Everything was familiar, right as my parents had described to me. The communists hadn’t made almost any investments, and the town looked exactly like in the forties.

But there are parts much more ancient. It has a medieval quarter with interesting little houses.

Over there, you can find the Stone Gate, built-in 1266. Many centuries of history had passed through this mini tunnel, who used to be the entrance to one of the two medieval towns who later formed Zagreb. I love the place. On one side, the upper city, on the other, going down, a little garden with the sculpture of St. George resting after defeating the Dragon.

Inside, there is a tiny chapel of Our Lady. Zagrebians have a lot of devotion for her and stop to pray while passing by. She is the Patron of the city.

Our Lady of the Stone Gate, protected by a baroque fence

FOWC: Ancient

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