Atticus Finch and Jean Valjean

Atticus Finch, portrayed by Gregory Peck, in To Kill a Mockingbird, has been my favorite cinema character of all time. I saw in him the integrity of an ordinary man, good father, who loves his family and dares to confront his neighbors for the sake of justice, knowing how dangerous it can be. He always reminded me of my own father. The performance of Mr. Peck is memorable.


Jean Valjean, the main character of Les Misèrables, by Victor Hugo, is another imposing character who left a deep impression on me from the moment I read the book. He redeems himself and is determined to do what’s right from the moment of his “conversion” until his death. I like the job Liam Neeson did in the 1998 movie. The scene when his long time pursuer Javert commits suicide and Valjean returns home free is really a masterclass of acting by Neeson directly with the gradual change of expression from anguish to the freedom so long pursued. Hug Jackman does a great job in the musical, but It’s different, he is conditioned by the songs he needs to sing. I prefer the other version.

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3 thoughts on “Atticus Finch and Jean Valjean

  1. When I recently saw To Kill a Mockingbird, I fell asleep during part of it. So can’t rally say my opinion of Atticus.

    I defiantly can bring up Jean Valjean. I first saw the character unfold in the movie musical of Les Mis. That eventually led to seeing the stage show six times and three concerts (25th/10th/2019). If that love never happened- Les Mis wouldn’t have been in my life or the book never would have been read. Jean Valjean is such an incredible protagonist- from a man hardened by prison and eventually becoming a good, compassionate, and loving young man: he has to make some tough decisions at times, but always does the right thing.

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