The bus

After a trip to Bilbao, I was returning home, and I boarded the city bus with my duffle bag hanging on my back with the strap across my chest. The bus was crowded, and when it reached my stop, I had a little troubled to get out of it. So much that the bus driver closed the door when I was out, but my bag was still in.

He started to drive, and I found myself trapped by the strap, which pressed my neck very hard, and the bag jammed inside the bus. I had to run backward at the speed of the bus to don’t get suffocated. I realized very coldly that when I would lose my step and fell to get dragged by the vehicle, I would be done. So I said my last prayers.

Luckily, people inside the bus who have seen what happened began to yell to the driver to stop, and just when I fell down, he stood into the brakes.

I was on the floor trying to breathe again when the driver came very concerned to check on me. He wanted to call 911. There was no need. I was Ok. I just had survived a life-threatening situation, and I was scared to death, but thanks God, unharmed.

FOWC: Survive

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