Odd and dangerous

As a reporter, I had to deal with information about terrorism and, in my case, above all, about the youngsters who were going to be trained to become terrorists. Life could be pretty dangerous if you were a journalist trying to tell the truth.

One year I decided to take a vacation in a rural house close to the sea, far away from my city, to escape and rest. Only my family knew where I was. I wanted to be alone and far away from trouble.

To my surprise, the very first day I arrived there, the phone rang, and it was for me. I answered, and it was a lawyer: an attorney of one of those aspirants to terrorists. He was everything but pleasant. I asked him how he knew where I was, and he simply said: I always know.

I called home and asked if they had given the number to anybody, and the answer was no.

It was pretty odd

The only plausible answer to the questions I had in my head was that those people were following me everywhere.


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