Lampoon oneself

I’m not American, and I don’t know if I have the right to bring here my opinion about what is happening with your president.

My job as an analyst of international affairs in my newspaper gives me some kind of authority to say something from the point of view of a European who had lived in the States and cares about the land of opportunities it used to be.

Donald Trump is the best at lampoon himself, at least as we can see him from the outside. And this fact has been revealed bluntly with the coronavirus crisis.

He ridicules himself with his statements about the virus, his references at its eventually miraculous disappearance, the propaganda he still doing of a medication who doesn’t work. He lies constantly about the situation of infected and dead who is catastrophic for the most developed country in the world, worst than places with fewer resources, and not the best of the world as he keeps saying.

Social distance, masks, the simple things that really work to stop the spread of the virus are sabotaged by his public demeanor.

And when he has to talk about the pandemic he actually talks about himself and his ratings. He seems more concern about the elections than about the lives of their citizens.

He has the one of the best advisers like doctor Fauci and keeps contradicting him as if he knew better of epidemiology than the best specialists. He has said that often talks and decides because of a hunch.

With 189.000 deaths and 6,3 million cases it is time to ask Trump if he really think that his hunches were better than listen to the experts as almost every leader of the world has done.

If the answer would be yes, then you have a serious problem: he’s probably crazy.

FOWC: Lampoon

7 thoughts on “Lampoon oneself

  1. I think you have every right. For one, Trump has made the US a laughing stock in the eyes of the rest of the world, so how will that damage international relations going forward. For another, on something like climate change, what this guy says affects us all, no boundaries.

    1. Where I’m less convinced is by saying “vote for Biden and he will cure your ills.” Because, in reality, Biden will be no better than “not quite as bad as Trump”. As Obama was, certainly on the environment. There is only so much US public opinion can tolerate.

      1. Politics are complicated. You remind me an old Italian saying when all was between the communists and the Christian Democracy, a notorious Italian said, we only have one choice cover our eyes. and our nose and vote CD

      2. Yes, that is the only way I can reconcile it. For starters (in the UK, but not really relevant) my main goal (internally) is reform, where both of the main parties (who oppose each other) very firmly support the current system (because tey both gain). So, straight away, I am left to choose my “least worst” option, and whoever is elected, I will still campaign for reform.

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