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Cee’s fun foto challenge: books and paper


I’m writing an article about my father for a prestigious historical publication, and I have to check many facts about WWII and what happened during the Cold War to quote them accurately. This is how it looks my desk this morning: Full of books and papers.

some of my books
old papers My father was working on and I’m studying now.
Many documents to go thru them.
pretty handmade notebooks a woman was selling on my street

Cee’s fun foto challenge: books and paper


Cee’s fun foto challenge: roofs


I took the first five pictures from the advantage point of the tower of an ancient church near to my house in Pamplona Spain, then there is a panoramic od Zagreb (Croatia) from the Upper City and And some roofs of monumental buildings you can see there. Then, a ruined roof in a little island near Zadar (also Croatia) The last picture is a house in the Bask Country. The featured image shows the ancient and decorated roof of the gothic church of St. Mark in Zagreb. I hope you’ll enjoy the tour!

Cee’s fun photo challenge: roofs


Cee’s fun foto challenge: Letters and numbers

Some of the elements

In front of the main auditorium of my city they have installed a giant Periodic Table of Elements made of concrete cubes, with each symbol and number engraved in them, and colourful plaques in which there are explained each element in several languages. There you can find plenty of letters and numbers and walk thru them looking for some particular one.


I stopped to take a pic of the calcium, maybe because I need it so much for my bones.

touristic guide for the blind

And finally, some different letters, the ones for the blind. This is a touristic guide at the door of an ancient historic building near my home in braille. It explains that it’s a civil gothic construction from the XIV century that has been always in use as the accounts tribunal for the kingdom of Navarre.

Cee´s fun foto Challenge: Numbers and Letters