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My little adventure in Plitvice


Yesterday I visited the Croatian National Park of the Plitvice Lakes. It was quite a challenge for me, because I have some problems with my balance and I need a walker which was impossible to use it on the irregular paths of the park.

66541F76-4FF1-4CBD-8941-E3FB2140FD18I have a crutch for these cases but it was also difficult to use it there, so under my own risk I decided to venture myself without the walker or the crutch, but with the help of the arm of a good friend and leaning in  the railings that you can find in some places along the way thru the forest, the shore of the lakes and the proximity of the many waterfalls you can find there. I had to be extra careful to avoid a fall.

A54E7C93-B911-4B54-817C-E0652FC209F5The effort was worth it. I/m glad to have been able to spend the day in that place.

if I would’t dare leave behind my walker and my crutches I would not be able to see and take pictures of these marvels of Nature.



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Last Sunday I went for a quick walk to a  picturesque village near Pamplona, the city where I live, with the idea to explore the surroundings. For me it was a great adventure, because I need a walker to move around and it is useless to go thru the paths full of stones. I’m confined to the city. But this time a friend challenged me and offered me help. So I ventured walking leaning on my friend’s arm. For the first time in years, I have been in the middle of nature. We left behind the houses, took a path and went on thru the green fields to contemplate the nice sights of the nearby mountains. We even spotted an eagle flying around. It was a short hiking. Only a few minutes, but enough to feel the charm of the nature. What a joy! I took some pictures.

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Decisions, decisions


How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

I have participated in the daily prompt for more than two years. It was great. Have a topic each day to write about and a community of bloggers from all around the world contributing with their posts and their different points of view at the same time. I found on-line friends and I enjoyed it a lot.
This year everything changed. Not my fault. Since the WordPress editors have decided to repeat old prompts I’ve already done, and refuse to offer us new ideas, I’m confronted with an important decision: continue my contribution or stop it and move on with fresh ideas from other sources. I’m reluctant to leave because I have stood here for so long and I’ll miss the people I met. I guess I’ll continue visiting the prompt to follow my friends and see what are they doing. But I don’t know if I’ll write again about old topics. I have found a good source of new topics. More challenging than the daily prompt. I guess I’ll take my chances on it and say good-bye here. Decisions, decisions…

Decisions, Decisions