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I’m very disappointed because after having prepared thoroughly a lecture, with lot of work and anticipation, only a few minutes before the scheduled hour, some people who will attend, began to discuss in front of me, how boring the lectures are nowadays.

Times had changed, they say. We are in the era of short and clear messages. The times of tweets and Instagram. Would be enough that a lecturer enunciate the subject and say the bibliography, to end the thing in a couple of minutes and save time.

What about the professor’s creativity? what about his knowledge acquired by studying and investigating? What about the possibility of a debate with questions and answers live and the enrichment it brings ?

I thing people too dependent of the 140 characters to communicate themselves are losing many capabilities of expression and comprehension.

I was looking forward for my lecture, and now I’m puzzled. I think I will send some short messages for the ones bored in advance to make a joke and save their time, and then I will follow as planed for the people I hope will be interested in the subject.


Public square

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How do you manage your online privacy? Are there certain things you won’t post in certain places? Information you’ll never share online? Or do you assume information about you is accessible anyway?

plaza del castillo

Basic. The Internet is like a public square where I can talk with my friends, meet new people, read the news, learn new things or go shopping, for instance. And I assume that everybody can get to know what happen in that public place. So I don’t post or share on-line what I consider too intimate and private to share in a public place.
I live in a medium-sized town. People know each other and news and rumours spread fast. There is a saying which is also an advice: If you don’t want something to be known in town, don’t even think about it. That applies to the on-line world.
We can decide what to publish on-line about ourselves, but another thing is what others publish about us or try to rob us. And what about spy agencies and their surveillance programs on private communications?. I’m more worried because of these two facts that I can’t control, than because of what I post and share on the Internet.

Do Not Disturb.



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Due to a big storm I lost my connection to the Internet last Sunday. And here I am, writing this nonsense at the time I use to do the Daily Prompt just to don’t lost contact with you. Or create the illusion that I’m still in contact with all of you. I don’t know when or if this post will be published. I don’t know why I’m doing this. I have tons of things to do with my time. Somehow I need your company. This is why I try to answer to the prompts even when I’m not inspired.
It’s amazing how attached can I get to something like my connection to the Internet. I got so used to have the news at my fingertips whenever I need them, to send and receive messages anytime… I took all that for granted and when fails I feel a little isolated. Surrounded by people, people I love so much, but somehow cut off from the rest of the world.
I feel guilty complaining about this little nuisance with so many people suffering real problems. So what if I can’t work and communicate for a couple of days? I’m lucky. I have extra free time for other things. I just miss you. I’m trying to send this via my phone.