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The Lottery day


What’s your next, most pressing deadline? Are you excited, stressed, or ambivalent about it? What’s the first thing you’d like to do once you’re done with it?

If I disappear from the blogosphere the 22nd of this month will be because the woman who is helping me with the care of my mom will have gone and I will be extremely busy for at least the next two weeks. I only have three more days to get ready. Mom is severely paralysed, and she needs help for everything. My sister and I will take turns to be with her 24 hours a day. But we have to get organized because to move her she needs two persons. So take turns is not enough. Am I anxious? Yes, I am. I would like to have means to give her the best professional care. Instead, she’ll have to rely on my inexpert (but loving) hands. I’m nervous because I’m afraid to fail or to do something wrong.

By coincidence that same day in Spain there is a big extraordinary draw of the lottery. I’m playing two numbers with my pals of the press association. I’ve never had luck in the lottery but I’m praying for this year’s numbers (I never did such a thing before). I don’t want a big prize. Enough to keep living. If I won something I’d spend it in the care of my mom.

I realise I’m not talking about deadlines but the 22nd is the most pressing date I have in the horizon.


In Due Time.




Tell us about a time things came this close to working out… but didn’t. What happened next? Would you like the chance to try again, or are you happy with how things eventually worked out?

When I was little I was a soccer fan. My dad taught me the rules and we followed the matches by TV together. We had no money so my dad played sometimes to what they call in Spain “Quiniela”. A very popular game. A kind of lottery but not by choosing numbers but by guessing the results of the matches of the week in the First League. You had to try to predict the results of the weekend, fill in a coupon, pay a modest sum (then was less than a dollar) and if you get 13 or 14 results right, you can win a lot of money. The equivalent to thousands of dollars.
Once I took a coupon and made my prediction. I filled in the results and went to the store. But once there I found out that I didn’t have enough money to send my “Quiniela”. So I returned home with my worthless coupon. When the weekend was over I discovered I have guessed 13 results! So if I had had a few more cents to place my bid I had won thousands of dollars. I was so close. Only a few cents away.
What happened next? I didn’t know if it would be a good idea to say something to dad or not. Finally I decided to tell him as I always did with everything. I wasn’t sure of his reaction, but he laughed and told me to ask him for money next time I wanted to do a “Quiniela”. Or better, help him with his “Quiniela” from that moment on. So we had fun making predictions together.
We never won a “Quiniela” nor a lottery. Now is impossible I win a “Quiniela”, because we quit playing long, long ago.

Daily Prompt: But No Cigar.
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