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Ocean Beach, San Francisco, seventeen years ago. That place was then the escape valve of my stress, the confidant of my sorrows and joys, the scenery of my solace.
Yes. Those were wonderful and difficult years at the same time. I was far away from home, trying to heal deep wounds in my health and my soul and build a new life. I had got a job as a stringer for a news agency. I had to build my net of sources because I had had to begin from scratch. Everything was new and exciting. I had my home office and I had to work hard in the morning and the afternoon. But usually at 5 pm I was done.
It was time for my walk on the beach. I let the roar of the waves and the wind enfold me, so I could think calmly about what had happened during the day, or simply empty my mind and enjoy the nature.
I loved to observe the flight of the pelicans. Or the funny behaviour of the beach birds.
I miss those walks so much…
It has been a long time since I left the States, but I’ll never forget those wonderful walks on the Ocean Beach in San Francisco



Gone, But Not Forgotten (II)


Gone but not forgotten are my years in San Francisco. The pictures I took back then remind me those wonderful days

Here is a scanned picture I took from the Ocean Beach in 1999. I don’t know if the rocks are still populated by pelicans, but I guess are still the same. Scan

This is another picture of the Pacific Ocean taken the same year.

Scan 19

And this is the skyline of San francisco in a typical foggy day

Scan 2

Gone, But Not Forgotten.



At the end of the day


After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

After a long day at work, there is more work at home waiting to be done, so no chance to rest immediately and indulge in a wonderful evening.

For a long time I had an added problem. I worked till late at night almost all my life, so I had no time but to fix something simple to eat, do the dishes and go to bed, exhausted.

My best time was when I was working in San Francisco, CA. as a Stringer for a Spanish News Agency and a correspondent for a Spanish Magazine. Because of the different time zones I used to finish my reports early in the afternoon and I had plenty of time to relax after that. My home was near the Ocean Beach and I used to take a refreshing walk after work every day. Those were magnificent days.

Now the circumstances are very different. No beach. No different time zones. No free afternoons.

I think I don’t know exactly how to rest daily, and that’s a big problem. When I have some free time at the end of the day I like to read an interesting book or watch some entertaining TV show. I like to watch good TV series but there are only a few to choose. I’m not watching much TV now. Nothing that interests me. No time.

Now that I’m taking care of my ailing mom there is also difficult to find free time at the end of the day, because it’s then when she needs me more. I try to have good, relaxing moments with her. But it can be difficult. It depends on how she feels.

I find relaxing to write this blog every day even when I’m doing it in a hurry. It helps me occupy my mind in other things and it’s always a challenge.


via Have You Never Been Mellow? | The Daily Post.