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Emotional trip


For the first time in many years I’m going to take a vacation. I’m going to Croatia where my family comes from, and I will stay there for a whole month, to visit the cities and places that are related with my parent’s life. It’s going to be a very emotional trip, since my mom passed away only a few months ago.

I’m gonna met with my cousins and my aunt Mira, who is still alive, to hear her stories about the old times. But mainly, I’m gonna take long walks by my own thru the streets of the lovely cities and by the seashore, contemplating the many and beautiful islands scattered along the coast. No hurries. I want, if is possible, to met my roots.

My trip is only two weeks away, and I’m already very nervous, thinking about what should I include in my baggage and what should I left at home. I can’t wait for the moment to check-in for my flight!

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In the picture a view of the walls of Dubrovnik captured I don’t remember how many years ago 




Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.


Here am I, last Christmas. It’s not my usual look. I went to the hair dresser, applied some make up, earrings, necklace, my best dress, and voilà!: a total transformation. My usual appearance is very different a lot more casual and no so pretty. Something more like this:

I’ve had to think hard to find something good to tell about myself. I think I’m a good daughter. I’ve tried to give back to my parents all the love they gave me. I did it with my dad when he was sick and died and now with my mom who needs me every day for everything. And I didn’t forget the legacy of my dad, a good man, a writer, a poet and a loved teacher of 30 generations of journalists in Spain. I’m trying to maintain live his memory and publish his writings now that his centenary is approaching in my new website in which I write in Spanish. Since this post is kind of egocentric I would ask you to help me and check if you don’t mind the site. I would really appreciate your opinions about how it looks. I’m hungry for qualified feedback

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My parents


Your personal sculptor is carving a person, thing, or event from the last month of your life into the glistening marble of immortality. What’s the statue and what makes it so significant?

A personal sculptor? what an idea! Even you are extremely rich and pretentious to have one or you think something in your life is worth being immortalized. None of the above applies to me.

The last month of my life I have taken care of my mother. A remarkable, courageous, good, very old and sick woman. She had a very hard life plenty of adventures in her youth during the WWII and after that under communist prosecution. She had to struggle a lot to endure a forced separation from her husband for 12 years. She was faithful and they reunited. Then she raised a family with five children. That makes me think that if I really have to commission a sculpture would be one of my parents.

And why of my parents and not just my mother? Because the life of both my parents was impressive in the extraordinary and ordinary circumstances of their life. Because they loved each so much, they cannot be apart from each other a single day. When they were forcibly separated in their youth and they finally could establish some contact by clandestine mail my father propose to my mother to pray each day at the same hour the Rosary for each other. And they did. For all those years they knew each day they were at the same time praying together despite being physically separated. When they reunited they were able to live together without problems after such a long separation because of that union in prayer, they said.

After that, when they restarted the family life, they never separated again. They loved each other so much. They taught us to love. My dad passed away long time ago. My mom talk to him every day and hopes to meet him in heaven where there will be no more good byes and they will be together for the eternity.

It would be cruel to separate them in a statue. And besides, I miss see them together so much! This is why I would commission a statue of my parents, young and happy, waking together as they used to do.

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