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file000205431503I studied music in my youth but I couldn’t finish because I had to stop and find a job to earn money to live and help at home. I was a fan of classic music and tried to practice with some classic pieces. Never satisfied. My performances were pretty bad. I thought musicals were too light and frivolous. But secretly I liked them a lot, above all the happy ones. When I went to the US I saw my opportunity to change my opinion openly. Best of all, I met a friend who used to sing musicals at college, and we had a lot of fun: She singing and I playing a simplified versions at the piano. I  rediscovered the joy of playing music and learned a lot of happy tunes thanks to the musicals.

Daily Prompt: Flip Flop.

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Danny Kaye’s aria

Danny Kaye

Danny Kaye

My father was already very sick and we used to watch old movies to entertain him. In one of them Danny Kaye appeared on stage as a Russian baritone allergic to flowers, singing an aria and sneezing at the same time. It was hilarious. We began to laugh and couldn’t stop. So loudly we laugh, we couldn’t hear him so we went back to the beginning to watch it again. So hard we cry from laughing we couldn’t see, so we went back again and again until we could  see and listen at all the details.

It took us a lot of time, because only by seeing Danny’s appearance on stage we exploded laughing knowing what was coming after. And my father’s laughing was so contagious he only made things worst.

Maybe young and not so young readers don’t know who Danny Kaye is. He was a great actor, singer, dancer and comedian, and he made many people happy. He made my father laugh when he was very sick and enjoy many evenings in difficult times.

I really think artists, musicians and comedians have a special place in Heaven. They make so many people happy when they need happiness. They offer many kinds of beauty  through the work they leave behind in a book in a painting, in a sculpture, in a record, in a movie… like my dad’s favorite Danny Kaye’s one.

Daily Prompt: From the Gut.

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