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Seasons in my life


Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.



My life is like a river flowing fast towards the end of its journey at the Ocean. I can feel the winter in the air. It’s not too cold yet.  But yes, the winter is approaching.



Sleepy Bridge

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My city still has a drawbridge at one of its gates in its ancient walls. It’s the so-called France’s Gate. And it works. Of course, we don’t need today sentinels on the battlements, watchwords to enter the city, and keep the gates closed at night. So the drawbridge remains asleep, with its wooden platform down, all the time, and the gates, open.

Once a year, on the eve of Epiphany, the old drawbridge gears begin to creak and move to lift the platform completely and block entry while hundreds of excited children and their parents await the arrival of the Magi’s colourful cavalcade.


Heralds in medieval clothes with trumpets announce that the Magi are near and they ask for permission to enter the city because they are bringing gifts for the children. The city Mayor, or his representative says at first that is too late to open the door. The children begin to shout: No! Lower the drawbridge! Open the door!. The main herald insists once more to get the same answer. Only at the third time, the mayor say yes and the city workers begin to lower the wooden platform, to the delight of the children who begin to cheer and clap. Then, three men wearing fantastic robes, riding beautiful horses, arrive waving and smiling and begins a cavalcade and a feast that continues all the evening.

Note: The tradition in Spain is that the Magi are the ones who bring the gifts to the children

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Out of Your Reach


Odd Confidence


I’ve been walking by the river’s bank this morning. It was a cold but gorgeous day. I’ve even crossed the river with my walker thru the narrow pedestrian bridge without railings to take pictures. Only a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have dared to do something like that out of fear to fall down, because I need help to walk. I ventured alone. The bridge is so narrow I was afraid that my walker could fall to the water while I was taking pictures, but it has brakes and nothing bad happened. I’ve had to put it just in the edge, to let the walkers could pass. The little bridge had a lot of traffic. A group of youngsters passed running, and several people walking. An old man stopped by to talk with me. another man helped me with my walker to  climb some stairs along the path. I’m glad I had that odd confidence in myself. It was worth it. Here are some of the pictures I took.

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The river


Take a subject you’re familiar with and imagine it as three photos in a sequence. Tackle the subject by describing those three shots.

It’s raining non stop in my city since last Friday and we have floods. We can’t enjoy sights of the river as we used to, with fishermen on the banks waiting patiently to catch something with their fishing rods.


Now the water reaches to the buildings and the riverbanks have disappeared. Many cars have been dragged or ruined by the waters. The current is so strong  and dangerous that ,of course, no one ventures kayaking or canoeing.


The old abandoned building that is falling down in ruins by the river is now covered by the waters. And the forecast says that it will continue raining at least till next Wednesday.


The rains coincide with the thaw so we are in high alert. Many inhabited buildings are in danger to get flooded.

Three Perfect Shots.